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Here are four ways you can grow your small business marketing right now. From creating a content strategy, to adding videos, these tips will help!

1. Make sure your website is up to date and looks professional

Having an updated business website is as important as having an updated store front. I like to look at the digital ecommerce space as a huge shopping plaza. The more attractive the window, the more likely customers are going to come in and see what the business is all about. As a small business owner, you wouldn’t want an outdated, unattractive store front and old, unused inventory when you are competing with all the other places in the plaza. Same goes for your business website.

The good news, it can be relatively inexpensive to make sure your website is up to date and professional looking. The bad news, it does take a certain level of skill, creativity, and time. With the many tools available to small business owners to help design a really amazing website, keeping an updated and relevant website has never been easier.

Need another reason to keep that website updated? The Google algorithm, (the thing that makes sure your website ranks high in the search results) is deigned to push forward updated websites.

When updating your website, be sure you keep it user friendly. Don’t send your customers on a wild goose chase just to find one of your products or services. The more technology evolves, the more users want instant gratification. So avoid over complicating things.

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2. Leverage video content

Another way you can improve on your small business today is to really leverage using video. With the burst of TikTok, Reels, YouTube, and all the other video content, small businesses can absolutely benefit from using this type of content to raise awareness for their business offerings. Think about how you could really talk to your ideal customer, then just portray that in a video content piece. Some examples: How to use a product or service, behind the scenes, meet the owner, show off a product, brag about an employee, etc… The possibilities are endless.

Do try to stick with a strategy to maintain consistency. If you do not already have a marketing strategy, see tip number four.

3. Set SMART Goals

I’m sure by now, everyone has heard of SMART Goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. I’m also sure that we are all kind of burned out from hearing that we need to set goals a small business owner but it’s a tried and true method that often leads to results.

However, just setting goals mean nothing. You need to take action. This is why I really press for setting ACTIONABLE SMART goals. Always create a goal with a purpose, and something you can immediately begin taking action on.

One more thing about SMART goals, try to avoid making goals that are dependent on other people. We all know that we cannot control everything (though I know how much we really wish we could). Focus on the goals that you are in control over. For example, instead of saying “I want to sell 45 products per week” which gives control to a customer because you cannot know for sure if customers are going to buy this week. There are a lot of determining factors here, or outside influences that could make this not possible. Instead, try setting a goal like “I plan to promote this product line on three different media channels for the entire month.” This type of goal puts you in control, and is bound to increase your sales in the process.

4. Develop a full marketing plan and content strategy

Lastly, but probably should be the VERY FIRST thing you do is to create a full marketing plan and content strategy. There are no bones about this – it needs to be done. IF you have one, awesome! Update it. If not, create one. Start now.

Click the button below to download a free marketing plan template to get you started.

As always, have fun with it! You got this!

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