3 Ways to Add Value to Your Marketing Strategy

The importance of Value-added marketing

Value Marketing for Small Businesses

Are you providing value in your marketing plan?! If not, you are doing yourself and your business a huge injustice.

But Tina, What the heck is value marketing? 

Essentially, value marketing is the focus on providing what your consumers WANT versus what you think they SHOULD have. This is important because sometimes, we as business owners just throw content out there and HOPE someone likes it enough to convert to a paying prospect. 

But….is that working? Probably not.

Let’s talk about the true importance of providing value and what that might look like for your business and learn how to offer it using three methods. 




Value marketing is sort of a new concept. It is the KEY to building relationships and emotional bonds with our customers, plus value marketing increases brand advocacy and makes others feel important. 

But, how do you do it? 


Provide content that resonates with your target audience. Is your target audience business owner moms? Share content that they can relate to like a quote about self-care or time management. This creates a connection to this target consumer and develops a trusting relationship. It does not always have to be about your business but should offer a way for your target to connect with you on an emotional level. You want your audience to be like “Oh, yes! This person GETS IT.” 

Say you’re a restaurant owner and you notice your Wednesday night sales are decreasing. You know you need to bring in more customers during the week, but how do you do that AND offer value? Well, say –  You have a target audience of couples in their 30s or 40s. You can create a romantic type post offering a quote or inspiration about the importance of quality time that connects with them. Say something about breaking up the monotonous week with a statistic. Then plug your business as a place for them to experience date night. 

The goal here is to just connect with your consumers. Relate to them. Show them that you are human, just like them. 

Give more than you take

Is your page just constantly pushing out products or services? That might work for some, but that’s really rare. People are not on social media to be sold to. They want value. So, give more than you take. Offer tips, tricks, tutorials, FAQs, host Q&A’s and so on. Platforms are really doing well to set you up for success here so take advantage of it. 

The key here is to offer your audience something with no strings attached. You cannot expect that just because the person interacts with you in some way that they are going to become a customer. You are in business to help people. Building revenue will come along with that. Once you shift your mindset to this, the rest will come naturally. 

Be Authentic

The majority of people are sick of seeing photo-shopped images of models trying to sell them something. People want to see reality. They want to see it raw. They want to experience life through your services/offers.content. 

Be you. Not what you think others want you to be. If you aren’t the only one suffering is you AND your audience will catch on sooner or later. 

Connect, give, and be authentic – you will succeed in your marketing if you do these three things. 

Which one can you start implementing today? Tell me in the comments below.

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