4 Time Saving Tools for Small Business Owners

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Look, as a busy mom of three daughters, a full-time employee, a partner, a household manager, and a small business owner – I understand the NEED to save time. Time is such a valuable commodity and we often forget that it is our most important asset.

Let’s walk through the top 4 tools that I use Every. Single. Day. to help me save time and stay on track. 

  1. Google Calendar 📆

Seriously. It sounds super simple but it’s super necessary. I schedule everything in my google calendar using time blocking (I’ll cover time blocking in a separate blog post). This tool saves my day and keeps me on track. 

Got an upcoming appointment? Put it in the calendar. 

Got an upcoming meeting? Calendar

Need to connect with a client? Calendar

Need to take your medication? You guessed it, GOOGLE CALENDAR! 

Using a daily calendar allows me to be super intentional with my time, which I absolutely love! 

2. Asana… 🗃

…or any other project management tool.

Having a project management tool that works for you is literally the bread and butter of organizing your time. I personally like Asana but any one of them will work. Example – Trello, Monday, etc… Just Google “Project Management Tool” and you’ll find one. 🧐

Here’s how I use Asana… 

I add all the current projects I have going on in all areas of my life to include personal, professional, and even wellness. I add the task to Asana and then add all the steps that I need to take to finish the task or complete the goal. Then I assign due dates. 

When I say projects – I don’t necessarily mean huge projects that need a timeline, budget, etc. I add my exercise, personal wellness, and Social Media engagement routine all to Asana – under different categories, of course. 

This is even more beneficial if you have a team so you can share these project timelines with your team and delegate appropriately. 

3. Hubspot 📈

This is a full service, client relationship management system. 

What does client relationship mean? Well, if you are a service-based business, like me, you will need a way to connect and maintain your relationships with your customers. Hubspot is a very simple, and thorough, way to do that. 

Hubspot allows me to log client and lead interactions and build on that relationship. Plus, there are so many different ways to utilize the offerings in Hubspot – I’ll leave the details to the experts. 

There are a ton of other CRM platforms out there – I just prefer to use Hubspot. Again, Google CRM and…poof ✨ You’ll find something.

4. Canva 🖼

Your content creation sidekick!

Graphic design – TRUE graphic design, can be complicated – and I don’t know even ONE small business owner who has the time to learn the ins and outs of graphic design.


I could talk about Canva all day! 

The ability to create custom graphics, sized perfectly for your chosen channel is alone a huge time saver. Seriously, you can create graphics for social media, newsletters, business cards, websites, blogs – the list is almost endless.  Plus, Canva offers templates, stock photos/videos, logo help, and so much more. And – the free version is outstanding and very robust. 


Just for you – I have developed a FREE Canva Template for Small Business Social Media! 

So, reply below… Do you use any of the tools mentioned? 👇

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